Grape Price Surveys

The Riverina Utilisation and Pricing Surveys

Prior to 2009 these survey's were conducted by the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation now known as Wine Australia through the National Utilisation Project (NUP) funding. This national project ceased and was replaced by the Wine Australia's Price Dispersion Reporting which contained more detailed analysis of the prices paid in terms of pricing brackets. A full national report can be found at the Wine Australia's website 

The reports for 2009, 2010 and 2015 were collated locally by Stuart McGrath-Kerr (Wine Industry Consultant) for and on behalf of the Riverina Winemakers Association.

From 2011 onward reports conducted by Wine Australia now known as the Australian Grape and Wine Authority (AGWA) by surveying the top wineries in terms of the volume of winegrapes they purchase annually.

Please note that references to leviable production in these documents do not relate to Riverina Winegrape Growers Statutory Levy.

Riverina Vintage Report

Riverina Vintage Report 2023

Riverina Vintage Report 2022

Riverina 2005
Riverina 2006
Riverina 2007
Riverina 2008
Riverina 2009
Riverina 2010
Riverina 2011
Riverina 2011 versus 2012
Riverina intake figures for 2012 intake figures
Riverina 2013
Riverina 2014
Riverina 2015
Riverina 2016
Riverina 2017
Riverina 2018 - District Intake Tables for 2018
Riverina 2019 - District Intake Tables for 2019
Riverina 2020 - District Intake Tables for 2020
Riverina 2021 - District Intake Tables for 2021

It is important to note that the Wine Australia figures are developed from a voluntary survey and are underreported by around 10% of the regional tonnage.

From 2018 onward the above has the details extracted from from the National Vintage Report.  For complete information please go directly to Wine Australia on their website

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