Public Access to Information

Our website includes a large volume of material that covers many policies and topics. We try to release as much information as possible directly to our constituent base, through our website or by request to

Formal applications can be made for information held by the Board by completing the Formal Access Application

Under the GIPA Act, certain information is required by law to be available on our website, free of charge. This is called "open access information" and includes our:

You should check the links above to see if the information you are looking for is already publicly available.

In addition to the “open access information” which the Department is required by law to make available, the Department also proactively releases a large volume of other information.

2. Make an informal request

If the information you require has not already been published and available on this website, but is information which raises no particular concerns in terms of an overriding public interest as to why it should be kept confidential, then the Wine Grapes Marketing Board may be able to release it to you on request without having to make a formal application.

If you think this applies to the information you require, you can contact us by email at to make an informal request, or by phone on 02 6962 3944.

Where some information may be released without the need for a formal request, we reserve the right to require an access application to deal with requests for information, particularly if:

  • there may be significant public interest considerations that need to be taken into account in deciding whether the information can be released, or
  • if you request a large volume of information, or there is another reason the Wine Grapes Marketing Board may take a significant amount of time to consider your request, or
  • if there is third party information involved about which we would have to consult with the third party.

3. Make a formal access application

If the information you are seeking is not available on this website and is not otherwise routinely provided by the Wine Grapes Marketing Board on request, then you have a right to formally apply for access to specific information.

You can make a formal GIPA access application "free of charge to constituted growers" and sending it to us at the following address:

WIne Grapes Marketing Board

If you are seeking information about a particular vineyard property the owner of that vineyard will be required to have signed the authority section (Part Five) of the form.

If you have any difficulty with the form we will help you, if possible, by explaining how to meet these requirements.